The Sweetest Three Months

Es hands

Three months ago today, this precious girl was born, and our lives have not been the same! She brings us so much joy and has taught us so much about love. We still wait for her adoption to be final (please pray with us!), but there is no doubt that she is our daughter!

I look forward to being able to share what these last months have been like for us, what we are learning about adoption, and how I feel about my new role as mommy! (Spoiler alert: I love it.) For now, though, I’ll have to be content simply sharing the picture of the sweetest little hands and lips that ever did exist.

Happy three months, sweet babe! We love you so!

One month ago…

Eden with ears squared

Throughout the adoption process, especially after we were a waiting family, friends and family would often ask what news we had. Usually my response was something like this: “Nothing’s happening, but I feel like nothing could turn into something in an instant.” That is exactly what happened in our lives last month.

One month ago today life changed dramatically. I suppose the beginnings of the life change started a few days earlier, when Rob and I were officially matched with a birth mother expecting a baby at the end of January! That’s right…January! We were shocked, overjoyed, and ecstatic–and then remembered we had nothing ready for a baby. I’m not kidding. We had made the steps to cleaning out what would become a nursery someday, and Steph had given me a couple of baby items she had saved for me, and I had bought some cute little baby leggings. And that was it. We took a deep breath and figured the two weeks we had before the due date would be our chance to prepare. It was a good plan…until the birth mother went into labor 10 days early. On Friday, January 16th, instead of beginning our weekend of non-stop preparation like we had expected, we drove to the Bay Area to be with the birth family and await the arrival of our soon-to-be adopted daughter.

There is so much to be said about that weekend, too much to share right now, more than I even can say as we still await the finalization of the adoption, but it was incredible. It was hard and heartbreaking and beautiful and wonderful all at the same time. On January 17th, a precious baby girl was born, and we held her and cried and couldn’t believe that someone would give us such a gift.

And today, on February 17th, I woke up and wished my baby lying next to me a happy one month birthday.

Succulent Cuttings and Centerpieces

Succulent 3

I learned from my succulent-topped pumpkin DIY, as well as my succulent-extraordinaire friend Steph, that succulent cuttings are amazing. A succulent cutting is simply a cut of the plant. There are all sorts of ways you can get a cutting to make roots, but I’ve found the easiest is to put them in a pot of soil. In this manner, hardy succulents root quite easily, which means that I can take clippings from my own garden and use them to create brand new plants!

Succulent 1

I did this very thing, clipping a few rosettes and leaves and potting them in vases. Because I want these to stay inside, I made sure to layer a good amount of sand and pebbles at the bottom, and then topped that with soil. With proper watering and light, the cuttings begin to take root and turn these pretty displays into living centerpieces.

Succulent 2


To create such a lovely piece, all you need is the following:

  • Succulent cuttings (or mini succulents if you don’t have large ones to use – you can get your garden going this way!)
  • Sand and pebbles for the bottom layers
  • Soil
  • A glass container – I used an old candle jar and a vase, and I found that those with an upside-down taper work the best, allowing the “blooms” to overflow at the top

Start with your sand, then a layer of pebbles, then a layer of soil. Stick the cuttings in and press the soil around them nice and tight. You may need to use little rocks to prop them up, but as soon as they begin to root, they’ll stay on their own. Water them regularly at first until the cuttings root well (you can do a gentle tug to see how they’re doing), then water 1 time a week or once the soil is completely dry. Be sure and keep your lovely piece in a well-lit spot, such as a windowsill. I hope you enjoy yours as much as I enjoy mine! I’ve had them over a month, and they’ve already grown!

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