Nearly nine years ago, I became a blogger. What started as a way to keep up with a few friends turned into a place where I journaled, reminisced, scrapbooked, cooked, wrote, and attempted to capture my little life in posts.

I’ve used blogging to share the joys in my life, as well as the struggles. In 2010, I started a separate place where I wrote about infertility and the craziness that brings into a couple’s life. When I left my full-time teaching job, I poured energy into my music and (of course) started a blog for that aspect of my life. And then two years ago, my best friend and I collaborated on a blog that focuses on our local loves and joint projects. So, if you’re counting, this one makes five. (Actually, since then I’ve always started a private blog to share photos of my daughter. So, that’s six.)

This one is different, though. No more compartmentalizing. Daily life, infertility, adoption, motherhood, music, new business ventures…you’ll find them all here.

Thanks for reading, commenting, and following our lives!

rob and can

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