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One month ago…

Eden with ears squared

Throughout the adoption process, especially after we were a waiting family, friends and family would often ask what news we had. Usually my response was something like this: “Nothing’s happening, but I feel like nothing could turn into something in an instant.” That is exactly what happened in our lives last month.

One month ago today life changed dramatically. I suppose the beginnings of the life change started a few days earlier, when Rob and I were officially matched with a birth mother expecting a baby at the end of January! That’s right…January! We were shocked, overjoyed, and ecstatic–and then remembered we had nothing ready for a baby. I’m not kidding. We had made the steps to cleaning out what would become a nursery someday, and Steph had given me a couple of baby items she had saved for me, and I had bought some cute little baby leggings. And that was it. We took a deep breath and figured the two weeks we had before the due date would be our chance to prepare. It was a good plan…until the birth mother went into labor 10 days early. On Friday, January 16th, instead of beginning our weekend of non-stop preparation like we had expected, we drove to the Bay Area to be with the birth family and await the arrival of our soon-to-be adopted daughter.

There is so much to be said about that weekend, too much to share right now, more than I even can say as we still await the finalization of the adoption, but it was incredible. It was hard and heartbreaking and beautiful and wonderful all at the same time. On January 17th, a precious baby girl was born, and we held her and cried and couldn’t believe that someone would give us such a gift.

And today, on February 17th, I woke up and wished my baby lying next to me a happy one month birthday.