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Sneeuw Day 2014

The day after Christmas, Chels, Roger, Robby and I went up to the Sequoias. It was a busy day, lots of people and stops along the way, and there were points when we wondered if we should turn home. So glad we didn’t. As it usually goes in life, the beautiful end result was worth it all.

Chels and Roger in Snow
Robby in Snow
Sisters in Snow
Sisters and Snowman
Robby and Can in Snow
Robby and Roger
Can and Chels in Snow

Christmas Day 2014

Christmas Day begins in the same wonderful way each year: homemade cinnamon rolls, coffee, and the Christmas story at the Feely’s home. This is a special tradition for all of us, especially since it’s the one my hubby has known his whole life. After a delicious breakfast and some time of prayer, we open our stockings, which are always crammed full with fun items, topped off with fresh citrus from the tree.


Our Christmas dinner was so tasty! Ham, potatoes, salad, and homemade rolls, followed with a mixed berry tart and cookies for dessert. Yum!


And then…presents! We first opened a photo of a really special gift this year – our new nephew, Elijah!

Elijah Photo
Feely Gifts

One of the neatest gifts I received this year was a glockenspiel, or orchestra bells set, which I’ve been mentioning for a couple of years now. More on this to come!


The rest of the evening we spent in the best way possible: sipping coffee, nibbling on dessert, and talking with the people we love. We ended the night with everyone, my family included, going to the movies and watching The Hobbit! Such a great day!

Feely Christmas Photo

I hope you had a merry Christmas!

Christmas Eve 2014

It’s happened once again, friends: Christmas has come and gone. Every year I try to hold on a bit tighter and make it last longer, but somehow December 26th shows up!

This year was another wonderful year celebrating with our families. We begin on Christmas Eve with my side, starting the day early with cooking and eating, then going to our Christmas Eve service at church, then coming back for a nice Christmas dinner and presents.

My mom really outdid herself with dinner this year: a beautiful beef wellington with delicious sides to boot. Since Chels and Roger don’t eat meat, they had a mushroom version, which I liked just as much. I offered up desserts: a cherry tart (so good! follow this recipe and swap cherries for the apples) and a chocolate trifle, which I’ll share soon. It may become my new go-to party dessert!

VK Girls

In our family, my sisters and our husbands all draw names, so each person has one gift they’re buying. Even though we usually figure out who has who by the time Christmas rolls around, it’s still a lot of fun to finally give our gifts! I had Camille, and I couldn’t wait for her to open the fabulous jacket I found. She makes the most beautiful surprised face! Carly had my name and gifted me a stunning bracelet that (little did she know) I had been eyeing for some time! Everyone was so thoughtful with their gift-giving!

VK Christmas Gifts

The gift that has already gotten the most use was new pjs (with matching eye masks, ha!) from my mom to all of her girls! So fun!

Pj Girls

The festivities carried on until midnight! Right as the clock struck 12, we finished up and wished everyone a merry Christmas!

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