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Five on Friday {Happy Halloween!}


Fox Mask
Happy Halloween! I made this fun felt mask following this tutorial, and I love it! I think felt masks are so fantastic, don’t you? Also, I realized I have quite the stash of felt! It’s the best material for crafting since it doesn’t fray and can be molded.


FoxyThe fox mask went great with my fox leggings, a last minute find at Target. This was the first year I spent Halloween at home and handed out candy! I’ve always wanted to do that! Most years, we’re at our church event, but since Robby came down with the flu last night, our plans changed.


We were vendors at our local Harvest Festival last weekend and had a lot of fun, once again. Even though it wasn’t quite as busy as the Makers Market, we met so many great people and made a few nice sales!


I made this festive fall wreath this week. It turned out so pretty, but I’m most proud of the fact that most of it is made of pieces I’ve collected. I dried the boxwood a couple of months ago, as well as the mini pomegranates. The putka pods (they look like pumpkins) and tiny acorns are from Ohio, and the lovely white berries are from Debbie’s tree. Just like that my door is dressed up!


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Unfolded Designs is on Instagram! Follow us to see all of the creative things Robby is making. We’re also hoping to offer a few items via Instagram, available for local pick-up!

Happy Friday! What was your five this week?

Five on Friday {October 17}


At Work

The Fall Makers Market was a blast for us! Our booth was hopping, and we couldn’t be more thrilled with how the evening went.



While in Ohio, I found the greatest little additions to our terrariums: putka pods (they look like mini pumpkins) and acorns! You can see more photos and tips for making fall-inspired terrariums at Citrus and Cream.


Yesterday I made my favorite fall craft yet! Debbie gave me two gorgeous home-grown pumpkins, and I took the smaller of the two, a beautiful peach fairy tale pumpkin, and topped it with succulents. This was a surprisingly simple craft, and I had every single item on hand. Win!



We had a glimpse of fall this week with temperatures finally dropping a bit. I hope the somewhat cooler weather is here to stay, with true fall glory on the way!


I am finishing up my third week of my class, and this week we learned all about podcasts. I have to say, I’m not that huge of a fan! I’d rather read or watch something than listen, but I’m curious what others think. Has anyone found any podcasts they love?

Happy weekend, dear friends! I’d love to hear your five this week!

Unfolded Designs at the Fall Makers Market

We had a fantastic time at the fall Makers Market last night, hosted by Embellish & Restore, and thanks to my family coming out and snapping a few photos with their phones, I can give you a glimpse of what the evening was like for us!

We had a 10×10 space, so we brought two tables. I set one up as a fall dinner, complete with place settings and a stunning centerpiece. The idea was to give people an image of what these pieces can look like in their own homes, and how beautiful and fun it can be to decorate with air plants! The second table held a number of different items, from manzanita pieces to glass vessels to amazing fairy lights.

Fall Table 2

In the above photo, you can see Robby and I are putting the final touches on our table. To create the table setting, I used a white table cloth, burlap table runner, plenty of fall items (white pumpkins, dried pomegranates, tiny seeds and pods) and one impressive lighted manzanita piece as the main attraction. From there we added anything of Robby’s that would work: moss, terrariums, air plants, and the coolest domes ever.  Another table simply had a number of different terrariums, manzanita pieces, and lights to choose from.

Fall Table

Our booth was grounded by a giant arbor Robby built last weekend! We were able to hang other pieces and lights from it, so again, people could have a strong visual of how they could bring these into their own spaces.

At Work

In the next photo, you’ll see a few items that drew people every time. We sold both pulleys with the hanging vases, and the beautiful glass dome with the lighted manzanita display inside of it is currently on my table. We’ll be bringing it to the next event, but I’m happy to put it to use now! :)

Glowing Items

To all who came out and supported us, thank you! Look for us at the upcoming Harvest Festival on Saturday, October 25th! And Unfolded Designs is now on Instagram, so stay connected with us there, too!

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