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3 Ways to Use Terrariums in Home Decor

3 Ways to Use Terrariums in Home Decor - robandcan

Every time my husband creates a new manzanita piece or air plant terrarium for Unfolded Designs, I wish I could keep it. Seriously. There are so many ways I love bringing a bit of nature into my home, and those pieces are a simple and stunning way to do so.

I realize not everyone may feel that way, though. In fact, some people may look at a terrarium and think, What do I do with this? So, in case you’re interested in embracing the terrarium trend but are unsure how to do so, here are a few of my tips:

Tip 1: Liven up the mantel with an eye-catching terrarium.


Birdhouse Terrarium on Mantel

If you have a mantel, a terrarium makes a beautiful statement. Create your own by finding a large standing glass vessel (I am crazy about this one), white rocks (available at craft stores or nurseries), and two or three air plants. No mantel? A shelf works, too!

Tip 2: Group two small terrariums with three candles.

Terrariums and Candles

This is an easy one that can work on any surface, whether it’s a dining table, a console, or a dresser. Try to choose candle holders with shapes that contrast the terrarium, like the tall metallic candle holders pictured. They work perfectly with the smaller glass globes. As far creating your terrarium, these too are simple: a few pebbles (Anthro makes a terrarium filler pouch for easy work), some moss, and an air plant is all you need. You can also expand the amount of terrariums and candles you use, but try to work with odd numbers and varying sizes.

Tip 3: Hang glass terrariums from a branch, and fasten to the ceiling.


This is one that looks really difficult, but isn’t. You can buy ceiling screws anywhere, even Target, and you can find pretty branches in your backyard, like the red twig dogwood branch above, a piece straight out of my mother-in-law’s yard. Use simple twine to hang the globes, then tie two pieces of twine to each end of the branch. Make it extra special by attaching little birdies or other accessories. Hang in front of a window. Alternatively, you can skip the branch altogether and simply hang the terrariums themselves from the ceiling.

There are many ways to bring these terrariums inside. I’d love to hear how you’ve made it work!

Note: There are affiliate links in this post, which in no way impact what I write & love or what you get!

Celebrating Fall at The Gardens

Saturday was about as perfect as a day comes. It wasn’t just the weather, although high 70’s with gorgeous sunshine cannot be topped. We had the joy of spending a whole day at The Gardens Nursery, one of our favorite places to be. The owners were celebrating their one-year anniversary and asked Robby (Unfolded Designs), along with Steph and myself (Citrus and Cream) to come and join in on the festivities.

Robby and Can and Steph

Robby and I arrived a little before 10:00 and set up our space. He had brought a number of lighted manzanita pieces with hanging globes, as well as a few ready-made terrariums. Within the first twenty minutes, we had already sold two major pieces! So fun! The rest of the day was a steady flow of people chatting with us, asking about our designs, and purchasing a terrarium, string of lights, or glass globe here and there.

Unfolded Designs Terrariums

There was a handful of other vendors and makers there, and I loved talking with them and oo-ing over their lovely items. Pictured below are flowers from the Flower Farm, a table setting from Finders Keepers Vintage and Wedding Rentals, yummy treats from Visalia Bakehouse, and handmade signs from Junk in the Trunk 559.

Garden Vendors

I also found time to wander the grounds, my favorite thing to do, especially since the whole garden was brimming with fall.

Fall color

Around noon Steph, Ben, and their girls arrived. We waited in line to get the girls’ faces painted, and they turned out absolutely amazing! It was a highlight to see how thrilled the oldest one was with her kitty face! Makes me long for the day when I’ll have my own little one to do something like this with!

Kids Face Painting


With the beautiful setting, perfect weather, visits with friends and family, and a few sales (yay!), the day was a success on so many levels.

Come See Us Today at The Gardens!

Unfolded Designs at The Gardens - Square

We will be celebrating The Gardens’ One-Year Anniversary with them! Come see us today from 10:00 am – 3:00 pm. There are all sorts of fun things going on: early morning yoga at 8:00 am (no, I won’t be there, but plenty of more in-shape people than I will…), face painting, fall planting class, Rosa Bros. ice cream, children’s craft, and more! Plus, you’ll get to meet local makers and have all sorts of fall planting inspiration. It’ll be a great day…hope to see you there! Find details here.

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